Download Kantu Web Automation

Kantu - Free Community Edition: 🤖 Download Community Edition (100% free, 50 MB, V2.3.1)

The Kantu Community Edition is free for private and commercial use. Compare with Kantu PRO Edition.

Kantu - PRO Edition: 🤖 Download PRO Trial (30-day trial version, 52MB, V2.3.1)

The PRO Edition includes the Scripting API and priority email and phone support.

All Editions: Kantu runs on all modern Windows versions supported by Microsoft: Win 10, Win 8.1, Win 7, Server 2016, Server 2012R2. The use of the software is governed by the Kantu End-User License Agreement.

Upcoming (in development): Kantu for Desktop Automation. This version will also be available as free Community Edition and a PRO Edition. Once available, all current PRO Edition users and beta testers get a free PRO Edition cross-upgrade.

Some future Kantu flavors that are currently at the planning stage:

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