Screen Scraping

Do you need to screen scrape data into your database, spreadsheet or any other application? In just minutes, you can use SeeShell to OCR data from all kinds of screens, terminals and dialog boxes – automatically and without coding.

Extract Anything

SeeShell's screen scraping solution allows you to visually mark the data that you want to extract ("scrape"). You simply draw pink frame(s) around the data that you need. SeeShell then retrieves the data directly from the desktop with high-quality OCR (Optical Character Recognition). The OCR approach works with everything on your screen: Windows app, terminals, RDP sessions, Citrix, VM Ware, Vbox,.. so everthing that displays data can be screen scrapeds.

Visual Web Scraping with SeeShell in Chromium

This screenshot shows the Extraction wizard inside the SeeShell Editor. Essentially this is a tiny graphical editor that allows you the draw, move and delete green and pink frames.

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Why Choose SeeShell for Screen Scraping?

Zero learning curve

SeeShell integrates with every Windows scripting or programming language, so there's no need to learn a new language to work with SeeShell.

You're in full control

SeeShell is an application that you can run on your own machine(s), not a hosted service. You have full control over it and it never expires.

Built-in toolset

SeeShell comes with sample macros, scripts and programs (with complete source code) that you can easily customize for your own needs.

Built-in OCR and PDF data extraction

SeeShell is the only scraping tool with built-in zonal OCR features. Zonal OCR is a type of optical character recognition allows the software to read specific areas or "zones" of a document. So it can extract information even from videos or PDF.

Custom script creation available

Our tech support can help you getting started, and even create the first data extraction scripts for you – at no additional cost.

For more in-depth information on how SeeShell data extraction works technically, visit the web scraping user manual.

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