SeeShell can automate anything on the desktop by taking screenshots

Visual Windows Desktop Automation

Automate your complete desktop workflow the "SeeShell-way" by using screenshots. From A like Acrobat Reader to W like Word, X like Xbox or Z like Zoiper,... it works with any desktop app.

Data-driven web testing

Rock-stable visual desktop automation, screen scraping and application testing

SeeShell creates rock-stable desktop automation with screenshots.

SeeShell uses the latest image recognition technologies to automate applications just like a human does. Leave windows titles, windows handles, class names and other windows internals to the developers. And even if you are a developer – SeeShell gives you a break while it tests your app.

Even if you have the skills to automate your application by "coding" a test, wouldn’t you rather use them and your time to create the application, and not debugging and testing the test automation scripts themselves?


Screen Scraping

Data extraction (“Screen scraping” ) is a very important technique in data migration and integration scenarios. With its screen scraping features SeeShell essentially adds an “Data API” to every windows application, terminal, remote desktop (RDP) and even the new Amazon (AWS) AppStream secure application streaming service. More information: Screen Scraping


App Scripting via API

The Scripting API of SeeShell for Desktop Automation is designed to be compatible with its sibling, the SeeShell Automation API.



Pricing will be available soon. Current users of the SeeShell for Web Automation PRO or PRO Plus Edition will get a free cross-upgrade to SeeShell for Desktop Automation PRO or PRO Plus Edition once available. After July 15, 2018, SeeShell Desktop Automation needs to be purchased separately.

So if you have not done it already, now is the best time to buy the SeeShell PRO Edition. This will provide you with the ultimate Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solution.

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