Kantu XModules - Free, Pro and Enterprise Editions

Kantu XModules are available in three editions for every budget and use case: Free, PRO Edition and Enterprise Bundle.

Kantu XModules Free Plan PRO Edition Enterprise Bundle
Pricing - US$69.95 US$ 499.95
(includes 10 users)
For whom Free for personal
and commercial use
PRO users, Business users Business and Enterprise users
Read CSV files from files Yes Yes Yes
Write CSV files to files Yes Yes Yes
Store macros and test suites on your hard-drive or network drive Up to 10* Yes Yes
XClick (mouse events) Up to 50** Yes Yes
XType (keyboard shortcuts) Up to 50** Yes Yes
XMove (drag/drop) Up to 50** Yes Yes
Kantu Update Management No No Yes
Support Forum Forum, Email Forum, Priority Email and Phone
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XModule Edition limits:
(*) The 10 files limit is for hard-drive storage. Of course, you can store an unlimited number of macros and test suites in the default HTML5 Local Storage inside Kantu.
(**) Macros and test suites can contain up to 50 XClick/XType/XMove commands.

Kantu Update Management:
Normally browser extension updates can not be controlled or delayed. But we understand that if Kantu is used to control critical web application tests or robotic process automation (RPA) tasks, an update at the wrong time can cause plenty of troubles. Therefore we offer controlled Kantu update channels for Enterprise users at no extra cost. So with an Enterprise license you are in full control if and when you update your Kantu installations.

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