Kantu for Chrome is Selenium IDE Light plus additional features, open-source

Record and replay web macros with this free and open-source Chrome extension for web browser automation. The extension is an easy to use web macro recorder for web developers, web testers and especially for general web automation and form filling.

Download: Kantu for Chrome plus Selenium IDE Light (Link goes to Chrome Web Store)

Web testers, please note: While Kantu supports the most commonly used "Selenese" commands of the Firefox Selenium IDE for Firefox, it is only a Selenium IDE Light. It is not intended as full replacement or port of the Firefox Selenium IDE. Our main focus is ease of use, good recording and reliable playback. That said, we plan to add support for additional commands with the next updates.

Screencast: Recording and Replay

This short screencast demos how to automate form filling on our online ocr website with Kantu. We record the macro, insert a PAUSE (3 seconds) command manually and then replay the macro twice.

Kantu for Chrome plus Selenium IDE Light. Automate Chrome easily.

Screenshot: Kantu for Chrome in action.

V0.5 is the first public beta release. Please send feedback, suggestions and questions to team AT a9t9.com.

Kantu for Chrome - FAQ

Q:Can Kantu for Chrome replay macros created in Selenium IDE for Firefox?

A: Yes. As long as you restrict yourself to the subset of Selenium commands currently supported by Kantu for Chrome, macros created in the Chrome IDE replay ok in the Firefox IDE. Use the Import HTML feature to load existing macros.

Q: Can the Selenium IDE for Firefox replay macros recorded in the Chrome IDE?

A: Yes. Use the "Export HTML" feature to export macros in the Firefox Selenium IDE HTML format. The also available JSON export is for later use with Kantu (see the next question below).

Q: How is Kantu for Chrome related to the image-driven Kantu Web Automation browser?

A: Kantu for Chrome is an experiment. Initially we experimented with image recognition inside a chrome extension (and released this WebGL-powered javascript template matching code (demo page here), but, while the image-recognition would be reliable and fast enough, it turned out that the limitations of the Chrome extension API stopped the project for now: The Chrome API does not offer a method for reliable x/y clicks. What is easy to do with the Chromium browser engine inside the Kantu browser, is a mission impossible inside a Chrome extension.

So for the time being, Kantu for Chrome will offer only the classic HTML/DOM based automation. Our main products, Kantu Web Automation (and soon, Kantu Desktop Automation) remain focused on image-driven automation, which makes automation so much easier and faster. However, there are cases when the classic DOM/HTML level automation makes good sense, for example when testing/automating basic (= not Javascript-heavy) websites. Future releases of the Kantu Browser will be able to replay "Selenium" macros recorded in Kantu for Chrome, and will allow you to mix and match the "Selenium-style" Kantu for Chrome macros with in the image-driven Kantu Browser macros - which gives you the best of both web automation worlds.


Kantu for Chrome - supported Selenium IDE commands

The first version of Kantu for Chrome supports the most common Firefox IDE "Selenese" commands

  • - Open
  • - Click
  • - ClickAndWait
  • - Pause (time)
  • - Type
  • - Select
  • - SelectAndWait
  • - WaitForPageToLoad (Click + WaitForPageToLoad = ClickAndWait)
  • - Planned: SelectFrame

Supported selectors

  • - ID
  • - Name
  • - Link
  • - Css
  • - Xpath

What other commands would you like to see supported? Let us know.

Loop button: The dropdown next to the Play button contains the loop feature - run macros as a loop. Looping a macro is ideal to for stress-testing a website, for performance monitoring or to simply assess the stability for the macro itself.

Kantu for Chrome looping... Top

Kantu Example Macro

This macro runs in Kantu for Chrome and the Selenium IDE for Firefox. You can

ocr.space chinese ocr
open /
type id=imageUrl http://dl.a9t9.com/ocrbenchmark/chs.png
select id=ocrLanguage label=ChineseSimplified
click link=Start OCR!
pause 3000
click //*[@id="sucOrErrMessage"]/strong
click id=btnShowOverlay

For developers

The full source code of Kantu for Chrome is available on GitHub (License: GNU).

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