Adobe Flash Automation with Kantu

Kantu's visual approach is ideally suited for automating and testing Flash applets. Your Flash user interface testing beenefits from the extensive Flash Test Automation support that Kantu offers. With Kantu, every team member can create and run Flash regression tests. The use of Kantu requires no knowledge of the internal workings of Adobe Flash, its objects or its UI elements. Kantu works on the visual appearance, just like a normal end-user does.

Screenshot of Kantu testing a Flash game:

Installing Adobe Flash for Chromium


How to set up Adobe Flash testing/automation

Flash testing with Kantu needs only one step to get started: Install the latest Adobe Flash Player (FP).

To install the latest version of Flash, go to and select the “FP.. for Opera and Chromium” option:

Installing Adobe Flash for Chromium

You can start the download and the Flash installation from any browser, it does not have to be done from inside Kantu. Just remember to restart Kantu after the Flash installation.

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